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The most important SHINGLE decision you'll make in your entire life - how to pick the best shingles for your roof!

Dec 14

You've made the decision to make improvements to your roof in order to increase the value of your home and improve your lifestyle.

You and your neighbors will require roofing replacements for a long time.

What should you do to begin? Choosing the right shingles is just as about the quality and value as it is about character. You can make a statement with your roof by choosing the appropriate color and style that is appropriate for your home. You can choose to go for a classic class or a contemporary urban chic.

Here are some ideas and suggestions to select the appropriate shingles that enhance your home and satisfy the requirements of your property.

Take Light Conditions into consideration

Always compare actual samples under different lighting conditions when choosing the color of shingle that will best match your home. Be aware that the natural light spectrum varies greatly based on the place and the season and not only by when it is daylight. A well-informed homeowner will select roofing materials that are based on the external material of the structure but think about brickwork, trim, and other accents such as shutters, doors, and eavestroughing. All of this should work together.

Consider the hue of your home and exterior elements

Shingle colors for beige or cream-colored homes include brown, gray, black, blue in solid colors or an exciting color blend, as provided that it does not clash with other elements of the exterior.

Shingle colors are available in homes with brown colors, such as black, grey, and brown.

White houses allow the roof to be completely blank. Almost any color will look stunning; it's all down to other variables including your locality, home's architectural style, and your personal taste. Shingle colors that look great on white houses include brown, grey, blue, black, and white.

For weathered wood and log houses, shingles' colors are browns, greens, blacks, and greys. Shingles with a high-quality profile are able to replicate the appearance of wood shakes that are natural.

It's also important to allow your home's exterior features to help you choose the right shades of shingles, as many of them are fixed fixtures. Although vinyl or wood siding can be painted, most faces are permanent and cannot be replaced easily, for example, brickwork stones, masonry or stone cedar logs, stucco, etc.

Be aware of the functionality

In colder climates or houses that receive heat all year round, darker colors are more likely to absorb heat. Although lighter colors can reflect heat and help to keep your home cool, it's important to remember that energy savings can be made by choosing light hues. The quality of your ventilation and the condition of your house's insulation are the main factors that determine your home's energy efficiency. It's important to know that this could require highly reflective colors in certain areas to meet environmental codes. You can contact your maple roofing contractor for help in selecting a shingle color.

Be aware of the neighbors around you.

You don't want your home to be perceived as a standout for incorrect reasons, particularly when the time comes to sell, so select a shingle color that harmonizes well with the surrounding homes as well as the natural surroundings and the landscaping. Staying cohesive will enhance the value of your house and the property that surrounds it. It's not the best idea to clash!

Check it out before you purchase

Would you select a paint color without taking samples chips at home and then examining them against the walls that will be painted in different lighting conditions? It's unlikely. The same goes for new roofing. Always examine actual shingle samples at different times of the day against all your house's exterior elements to ensure that the shingles you see are what will be the final product so that you can make an educated decision. It is also possible to examine other roofs in the region with similar shingles as well as color combinations to get ideas and confirmation.

Choose a shingle that has a long-lasting warranty

Not all asphalt shingles are made equal. A minimum warranty of 25 years is recommended. It is the average life span of asphalt shingles. Contact your roofing company to know what the warranty will cover as well as any proration time periods that are which are covered.

There are a variety of warranties - the manufacturer's warranty for the product(s) and the roofing contractor's. Chances are the roofer's warranty is not as good as the materials used, so be sure to know the various warranties and the meaning behind them.

Asphalt shingles are among the most widely used roofing shingle. They're cost-effective and come in an assortment of colors and styles. Deciding on the right type of shingles to your home is an important decision. It is essential to do your research before you pick your asphalt shingles. However, it is essential to speak with your roofing contractor regarding your options.

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