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How to Prepare Your Roof for Winter

Dec 12

Winters in Rapid can be very harsh. Your roof guards you against elements that can cause weather damage, such as the elements of snow, wind, and freezing cold. To quote the words of an American president it's time to quit asking your roof what it can do for you , and instead ask yourself what you can do to your roof.

Seriously. Your roof will be better taken care of by it if you take care to take treatment of it. Let's review the ways you can do it in winter to ensure that your home is warm and secure during the coldest seasons.

Roof inspection

The months of spring and fall are the two best seasons for roof inspections, as they allow you to ensure that your roof can survive winter and make certain that any damage that occurs over the winter is repaired as soon as possible.

Rapid City to Alliance Inspector will inspect various items, including flashings roof materials, valleys and flashing. They also check the structural integrity of your roofing. They will examine your roof for indications of animal damage, water damage, as well as other issues. Winter is the worst time to have your roof weak or damaged. So, a check is crucial.

The inspector will inspect your home from the inside and outside for any damage. Most water damage is visible from the inside of the attic rather than from the top of the roof.

Clean your roof and gutters

In the event of a gutter getting blocked, it can result in severe roof damage. When gutters become blocked, water has nowhere to go. In winter the water that is in a pond for too long is more likely to be frozen. This ice, in conjunction with the fallen leaves and other debris in your gutter will begin to weigh your gutter down. It can eventually break off and take some of your roof with it.

It is crucial to keep your gutters clean. Eliminating debris from your roof is essential as it can fall into your gutters, which can cause clogging.

Check your insulation and think about re-insulating

You might be wondering how water can end up in your gutters during winter. Shouldn't it only be snow?

This is Calgary at the moment which means we're in for to see a few days of melt between the days of snow. The sun isn't the sole source of heat that can cause snow to melt and later freeze to form an ice. Your home can melt snow, too.

When your attic isn't properly insulated, heat will ascend to your roof and melt the snow. When the resulting water runs down your roof it moves away from warmer temperatures before freezing again, causing an ice dam.

A look at your attic and roof will show how well insulated they are. Installing new insulation requires time and money however by insulating you will be able to lower your energy bills and quickly recuperate the amount you spent.

Fix your roof

The most obvious tip is one that was put off until final. However, it's nonetheless vital to take note of if your roof has suffered any kind of structural damage or damage to its components, make sure you get your roof repaired.

It is not a good choice to allow snow or cold to penetrate your roof in winter. We suggest you hire two companies to assess your roof and repair it. This will ensure there's no conflict of interests.

Teamwork Exteriors has been serving Rapid residents for more than 10 years. We're more than happy to assist you in getting your roof ready for winter so that you're safe and cozy all year round. We've got more information on this site on our website or our blog for more helpful tips, and contact us!

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