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Dec 4

Our garage door opens and closes more than 1,000 times a year. The garage door's moving parts are subject to a lot of wear and wear and tear. The springs are also tested. It is possible that the spring traveled across the room before landing in my skull as a rocket. Fortunately, the safety cord was installed correctly.

Garage door motor replacement will teach you how to recognize the damage to your extension spring and then replace it without causing injuries. Even if it's not yours, it's important to be aware when your springs are at risk.

Here's a very brief list of the things you'll require:

  • C-clamps (two)
  • Pliers Socket to fit Lineman Wrench's Crescent Duck Tape Wrench
  • Stool with Steps
  • Ladder, 6 Feet
  • Extension Springs to Garage Doors


The extension springs on garage doors are very tensioned.

  • Security is therefore a key goal.
  • It's simple to ensure that your garage's contents are in good hands.
  • It is important to be sure that your car is not stored in the garage.
  • You can place it in the road or on your driveway.
  • Then, unlock the garage door.
  • Set your step ladder just beneath the doorway.
  • The Door Ladder
  • Make sure that the top of the door can sit on top of the ladder.
  • Remove the garage door opener circuit.
  • It's not an excellent idea to let someone shut the door when you are working on it. !
  • Release the safety release manual on your garage door down. The door may now slide open and shut without issue.
  • At this point, double-check that the garage door's bottom will settle on the top of the ladder.
  • Place your C-clamps both on the right and left sides of the garage door tracks.
  • C-clamps are to be placed under the track's final roller.


  • It's simple to spot a broken garage door extension spring.
  • When the spring expands it causes the coils to become stretched and uneven. This is why it is necessary to replace it.
  • Spring is prone to a negative extension.
  • If the garage door is closed, you'll be able to view this.
  • A pulley and an I-bolt are used to connect extension springs.
  • The I-bolt is held by the vertical bracket.
  • A spring extension is best connected to a steel safety cable that runs through it and is connected to the vertical bracket.
  • In order to replace the spring that was previously used you'll have to unhook the safety cable and pulley.
  • By using a wrench, loosen the bolt that is holding the pulley down.
  • Loosen Bolt for Pulley
  • Connect the steel cable to the pulley wheel.
  • It might seem odd, however, the pulley wheel is connected to the cable it pulls in a unique manner.
  • You can easily link the pulley to the extension spring by taping the cable to it.
  • I would also recommend taking pictures of the safety cable and how it's attached to the bracket on the vertical side.
  • After you have removed the cable in this manner, it will be possible to reconnect the cable.
  • Pull the safety cable through the old extension spring after removing it from the bracket.
  • Remove the Safety Cable
  • It is now possible to remove the extension spring that was attached to the I-bolt by removing the pulley clip that is at the end of the old spring.


Extension springs with color-coded extensions are available for garage doors.

You can visit the hardware store in 5 minutes to purchase replacement springs.

  • It is recommended to replace both springs simultaneously because one spring is at more tension than the others and the garage door will not close properly.
  • Place the safety cable clip onto the end of the new extension spring at this point.
  • After threading the safety cord through the spring, connect the safety cord to the bracket.
  • For information on how to tie your cable, look at the photo.
  • Make the cable as tight and secure as possible using your lineman's pliers.
  • Place the wheel back in the safety cable clip and tighten the bolts using your wrenches.
  • If you are required to remove the cable of steel that runs over the bracket, you must remove the S-hook.
  • Verify that the pulley cord isn't caught in the safety cord at this place.

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